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Narcissistic abuse is a level of emotional trauma that can cut deeper into your self-esteem than any other form of abuse you might experience. It can make it difficult for you to trust other people or have healthy relationships for years if you you have suffered under narcissistic abuse. Fortunately, a new strategy is available to undo the trauma that you experienced from your time spent with a narcissistic individual. It’s called Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Its name explains its purpose, which is to resolve your trauma quickly so that you can have a rich and fulfilling life post-trauma.

What Is Accelerated Resolution Therapy?

ART is an evidence-based recovery system for a variety of mental health challenges. It uses a combination of some traditional treatment methods and new strategies that experts developed from scientific research. The goal of an ART program is to reprogram the way a client’s mind stores traumatic memories and then prevent those memories from triggering the client’s emotions.

How Can ART Help With Narcissistic Abuse?

ART can help you by reversing the nuggets of negativity that the narcissist planted into your mind. It’s designed to eliminate triggering memories, thoughts, and experiences. The result of an ART program will be a healthier sense of self and the ability to recognize and cultivate healthy new relationships with other people.

How To Get Started With ART

The amount of trauma that comes from narcissistic abuse deserves an innovative treatment plan that’s more powerful than the abuse you endured. We feel that ART treatment is the weapon you need to defeat the aftermath effects that such abuse has had on you. Contact us at Colleen E Clark Consulting to learn more about how ART can help with your specific type of trauma. You deserve to have your life completely restored after narcissistic abuse. We are here to help you achieve that in one to five visits. Get in touch with us and let us explain how we can assist.