Come Passion:

The Soulful ART of Healing Trauma

Author Colleen E Clark
Clinical ART Specialist
RCRR Lead Certified ART Trainer Canada

For trauma therapists who have already undergone or are about to take basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy training, Come Passion: The Soulful ART of Healing Trauma is so much more than  an ART manual. Its focus isn’t on the ART itself but on how the therapist can prepare the  client and themselves for the sessions.

Come Passion is designed to enhance the ART therapist’s work and help them refine their skills. In addition to providing the foundation therapists need, this mood disorders therapy workbook also offers practical tools, such as scripts and checklists, that can help streamline client sessions. It is the PTSD and complex PTSD recovery workbook therapists will return to again and again as they become more adept at helping their clients heal from their trauma-related wounds.

Book Signing Event in Calgary

COME PASSION: The Soulful ART of Healing Trauma was off to a great start with the book launch, June 9th 2023 at the historic Deane House in Calgary.  Fun, music & food was enjoyed by 85 attendees with tributes galore!
On the way to make Come Passion a best seller!
–In Gratitude, Colleen

Available in paperback and eBook
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