5 Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse tends to slip under the radar, and it is often rationalized by the abuser and the victim. However, the effects of emotional abuse are real, and they are harmful. Learn some of the indicators that could mean emotional abuse is happening in your relationship.

1. Belittling

An emotional abuser can control another person through belittling them. This means the abuser doesn’t take the other person seriously, and the victim eventually realizes that expressing his or her thoughts is pointless. Belittling can also include insults and name-calling.

2. Sarcasm

Our culture is full of sarcasm, but it can become abusive when it is meant to demean another person. A person who is victim to sarcasm probably won’t feel like laughing it off, therefore risking being called out for having no sense of humour.

3. Frequent Fault-Finding

An abuser can control another person by constantly finding fault with anything that person does. It could be the clothes he wears, the way he walks, the way he talks on the phone, the food he eats, etc. Instead of accepting the other person as unique, the abuser tries to make the victim into someone else. This has the effect of making the victim feel worthless and always wrong.

4. Control, Control, Control

An emotional abuser often gains control in the relationship through various methods. It could include verbal abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, or sexual abuse. This control means the abuser makes decisions for the relationship, and the victim must always bend willingly to the decision-maker.

5. Guilt

A victim of emotional abuse has often been so controlled that he or she finds it difficult to understand what is happening. An emotionally abusive situation creates a lot of confusion and guilt. The victim may believe she is doing something wrong to say anything bad against the abuser. This person needs help but is often too scared to accept help.

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