A Fast, Effective Treatment for PTSD and Depression


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression are not light topics of discussion. The mere mention of them brings an air of seriousness and dark clouds to any conversation.  However, this post will highlight a fairly new and highly effective treatment for PTSD and depression.  It’s called accelerated resolution therapy or ART for short.  This new therapy can bring a ray of sunshine and hope to people affected by these serious disorders.

ART is a proven, evidence-based treatment for people suffering from PTSD or depression. It is a powerful form of psychotherapy and works by replacing traumatic memories that cause distress with new, more positive associations.  Key to reprogramming memories is the combined use of specialized eye movements during the session.  Other conditions besides PTSD and depression have also shown promise using ART.  This includes obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, anxiety, addictions, codependency and grief to name a few.

What Makes ART so Special?

Unique to this type of therapy is the speed with which patients find relief.  ART provides clinical improvement in less time than other accepted therapies, usually under five sessions.  Compare that to cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which can take up to 20 sessions before providing relief. And the shorter time to relief can help avoid patient drop-outs from treatment programs. A recent study by Dr. Daniel Lee in the journal Depression & Anxiety found that ART provided a greater effect, over a longer time than some medications or other forms of psychotherapy used and should be considered a first line of treatment.

If you are a mental health professional, consider how this therapy could favourably impact your practice.  The therapy will bring fast, effective relief to your patients.  To learn more about how to integrate ART as a treatment option at your clinic, contact us or visit us at

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