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Unlike what many people tend to assume, addiction and substance abuse are not indications of hopelessness or character flaw. Usually, drug use alters your body and brain’s functionality, making it hard for you to quit the behaviour. However, with the right professional intervention and support, you can be sure to beat every kind of addiction; all you need to change is;

• How you deal with stress

• How you think about yourself

• Who you allow in your life

• How you spend your free time

Here we provide some tips to help you overcome addiction and substance abuse.

Effectively deal with life pressure

More often than not, people get into substance abuse as an escape from life pressures, such as work and family responsibilities. Although you might get the instant pleasure and justification you are seeking at that moment, you can end up setting yourself up for addiction in the long run.

Rather than turn to drugs when you feel overwhelmed, consider getting a hobby, such as reading and exercising. This way, you will distract yourself from thinking and engaging in drugs.

Examine the risk factors

Knowing what contributes to your addiction can help develop a more comprehensive plan of how to get out of it. Risk factors such as the environment, biological predisposition, and history of substance abuse tend to be the leading causes. Begin by examining these factors and work on how to save yourself from them.

Find support

The journey to recovery becomes bearable when you have the right support. Besides working with a therapist, involve your family and friends who are better placed to guide you and keep your behaviour in check. Essentially, work on building a supportive social network that shares in your passion to achieve sobriety.

Keep a well-balanced life

Failure to live a balanced-life can often lead to substance use and addiction. This may include a lack of life priorities, which may lead to dedicating too much time to non-constructive things. You can overturn this by looking at the bigger picture and getting your life in order. Over time and, of course, with support, you will successfully manage your addiction and substance use.

No doubt, recovering from an addiction is a journey that begins with committing yourself to quitting. These tips can go a long way in helping you shun negative behaviour, and ultimately, get you out of addiction and substance abuse.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a new and practical approach that works to alleviate mental health problems, from addiction to anxiety, depression, emotional disturbance, and more. To learn more about this strategy, contact us to get first-hand information from our professionals.