accelerated resolution therapy

Whether an assault, accident, or sexual abuse, childhood trauma can have lifelong effects on an individual. Sadly, cases of maltreatment are quite common, but are rarely dealt with accordingly. As such, people exposed to traumatic events in their childhood are at risk of experiencing mental and psychological behavioural issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD.

Childhood trauma and PTSD

As mentioned, children can experience many different kinds of trauma. While some may return to a state of normalcy sooner, some tend to take longer, especially when continually exposed to environments that remind them of the trauma. Children with PTSD can become super-vigilant on the lookout for signs that something bad is going to happen. In most cases, they exhibit behavioural issues including:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Feelings of isolation

Some children may not develop PTSD, but that does not mean they do not go through mental and psychological issues. They may remain vulnerable to psychological issues such as attention problems, anger issues, irritability, sadness, sleeping problems, lack of interest in normal activities, development of new fears, attention problems, and many more.

Being on the lookout for such problems can help identify developing mental complications in their early stages.

Long-term mental issues

A child who goes through a traumatic event is more likely to develop long-term health consequences. According to a study conducted by Psychiatric Times, childhood trauma is associated with wellness problems in adulthood. Some common problems that may appear later in life are:

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Heart complications
  • Depression

Getting help

Children need family support and care in order to overcome the after-effects of trauma. Depending on their age and the impact of the trauma, accelerated resolution therapy (ART), play therapy, or cognitive therapy can go a long way in helping them lead normal lives.


Seeking professional help sooner than later is imperative in preventing adverse effects of trauma that may compromise your mental health. It does not matter whether the trauma occurred two decades ago, make sure you visit a professional to assess the state of your mind.

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